Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Sites to Guide You In the Future

1. - Their motto "Ideas Worth Spreading" is a truly accurate one. has hundreds of free seminars or TedTalks. If you haven't ever checked out this site, you should; the ideas are simply amazing. I chose this because of it's uniqueness and how inspirational this site can be.

2. - I know that many of you have probably heard of this site, but at the same time, I think it is the single most collaborative thing that is on the internet. You can learn anything and everything you ever wanted to know by reading the intelligence of others.

3. - This is a free online library with full texts. If I ever need something to read, or to look up anything, I can just refer to this site.

4. - The most used video broadcasting site that is full of ideas, inspirational movies, documentaries and other beautiful videos. When you're feeling down, there's always a funny cat video to cheer you up :)

5. - If I literally need to be "guided" in the future, I can get directional advice from this map service offered by Google.

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